Exercise and Fibromyalgia

When our body is in motion, our muscle cells are more active. Our breathing rate increases to increase the supply of air to the lungs, so that more oxygen can be absorbed. Inside the lungs, air is replaced more quickly so that oxygen content is kept high, and fresh oxygen runs thru our blood supply. A body in motion tends to stay in motion!

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Pain Free Day!

A day or two living pain free multiplied my productivity by 90%. Mentally, I could focus with no distractions. How tiring it is to fight pain! What a difference the right medications can make!

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Our Interview


Penelope Silvers, an award winning writer and producer, interviewed us Friday, June 7th. Our invitation list was in the hundreds!

Penelope writes, “Tom Buford is a man whose wife of more than 40¬†years has suffered with the disabling effects of fibromyalgia for more than a decade. The author is not a medical professional, but he knows first-hand what it is like to watch his wife change from one who earlier in life might have been seen on a lake riding a jet ski or climbing trees in a friend’s yard, […]

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Book About Fibromyalgia on Kindle

Living with Fibromyalgia Patients really hit home with me often having me in tears from the validation it provided. The little things like hand holding make a huge difference in a relationship if the pulling away is not fully understood.

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Shopping Tips for Us

For those of us who have fibromyalgia, shopping may not be fun and easy every time. We all have issues! As you flip thru the racks, you will have your eye out for different things. Really different for me, too, since I'm now 56. Here are some things that I've learned that may help you.

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Just a little exercise has been blamed for pulling up your energy. That is all it was, some casual walking. And breathing some summer afternoon air. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Science says that energy begets energy.

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Music for Sleeping

Did you know that what you hear has a powerful affect on how you feel, even if your not listening? Think of music and sound as real energy that can be directed and controlled to achieve your desired outcome. Notes, (energy) has the power to shatter glass, and can affect the way you internal organs function. You know that some music helps you concentrate and other music would never let you concentrate.

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Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

My heart goes out to you if you are here to read about Fibromyalgia for yourself. Having spent time in support groups, there are still people who are not going to a fibromyalgia doctor. Sometimes family doctors are not trained to treat it. One support group was called the 'Comfort Group'. We were not allowed to complain all the time, but we focused on encouraging and helping each other.

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